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As a part of our Sci-Vi activity we have during the years developed different course formats on visual science communication. 
Examples of tailor-made courses from the years


Partner: Nova University in Lisbon, Portugal

Course focused on the students from Science Communication MA students, in order to inspire the students at an early stage to establish collaborations between the visual industry and the research environments.


Partner: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), Budapest

A semester course for artists about science communication to learn more about visual research dissemination. Title of the course: Visual science dissemination and communication as a collaborative model.


Partner: Muthesius University, Kiel

Students from Information Design M.A. & Communication Design B.A. at Muthesius University, Kiel, worked together with students from Graphic Storytelling/The Animation Workshop on idea development for the dissemination of research from elite researcher Peter Teglberg Madsen and Pernille Helene Tønnesen's field, Department of Biology, Aarhus University, on sperm whales and their importance for our ecosystem.


Partner: Aalborg University (AAU)

Collaboration between the research network ReachAAUt at AAU and CAV on a special Sci-Vi theme for the network, including workshops, webinar and conference. The purpose was to equip the researchers to incorporate visual communication in their research activities, as well as to match-make researchers and visual storytellers. Approx. 30 researchers from AAU participated during the project period 2022. The participating researchers have gained insight into visual research communication, at a level so that they can now incorporate Sci-Vi projects into any new research applications.

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