Sci-Vi | Conference
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SCI-VI Conference 

Visualisation and Animation in Science Dissemination

SCI-VI Conference 2020 Nov 27th

The Sci-Vi Conference facilitate knowledge exchange and networking between researchers and and visual storytellers.

Sci-Vi is a new initiative seeking to explore and unfold science dissemination as a field, to improve science communication and focus on science productions through visualization and animation. The initiative will strengthen the cooperation between scientists and visual storytellers, and investigates potentials and possibilities in a broad community. Sci-Vi cultivates community, knowledge exchange, professional and academic matchmaking, initiates research and development within the field. The conference brings together researchers, animators and visual storytellers to discuss, exchange knowledge and learn from state-of-the-art case studies and ongoing research projects.

The conference is focusing on these issues:

• Can cooperation between researchers and visual storytellers strengthen research dissemination and to what level?

• How can we use narratives when we communicate research?

• What is the relationship between the visual and cognition?

• How do we strengthen the cooperation between scientists and visual storytellers? -incl. examples of partnerships.

SCI-VI Conference 2020 – Visualization and animation in science dissemination

Save the date for the Sci Vi conference 2020, 27th November.

Science for Society

Visual storytelling in science dissemination 

November 27th 2020, Venue: Novo Nordisk Fonden Tuborg Havnevej 19 DK-2900 Hellerup

# Science Visualization # Visual approach to visionary research, # bridge-building between visual storytellers and researchers, # The force of imagination, # how can we use narratives when we communicate research? # How can funds help visual dissemination # Filmlanguage as global tool for communication – UNIFY #Viborg Animation Festival 2020  

Link for program and registration: