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Zoological Museum of Kiel

The Zoological Museum Kiel is one of the oldest natural history museums in Germany, dating back to the 17th century. It was founded by naturalist Karl Möbius, and architect Martin Gropius designed the building. The museum is part of the University of Kiel. In the 19th century, the museum developed into one of the most important zoological research institutes in Germany.  The museum archives to date unique collections of high scientific and cultural value. This is mediated by the exhibitions: Valuable original specimens from three centuries form the basis for creating a thematic arc from the history of the museum to the latest marine research. Particularly impressive is the central hall of the museum. In 1881, the Berlin architect Martin Gropius created a unique spatial experience of unusual aesthetics in a fascinating combination of glass, steel, and lighting. The Zoological Museum undoubtedly has many interesting things to offer to its visitors.




Mathias Foot

Art Director & Lecturer

Mathias Foot is a visual designer and ocean lover based in Kiel, Germany. After graduating in Interactive Media Design at the Muthesius Academy for Arts and Design he started his career as a designer and lecturer in the fields of 3D Motion Graphics, Science Communication and Illustration. He is currently with the Zoological Museum in Kiel where he develops „emotional spatial experiences“.


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