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CollectiveFlow is a creative design and engineering hub. By using the newest technologies combined with their experiences and enthusiasm they create outstanding projects in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360-degree experiences, or any other media. Their main focus is to understand the partner’s story, values, and challenges besides the product.

‘Reality is within.
Share the experience.

CollectiveFlow makes it possible to give people, employees, and customers an engaging experience with your company, brand, or organization. We create new possibilities in electronic universes, that excite, involve, and entertains.

It is essential to make the experience integrated, embracing, and most of all, starting with why – therefore you will be met with curiosity and questions.
CollectiveFlows unique combination of technical knowhow, design thinking, and professional enthusiasm, delivers results that always make you a step ahead.’





Jørgen Jakobsen

Co-founder & Creative Technologist

Jørgen is Co-founder & Creative Technologist at CollectiveFlow. His background as an electrical engineer with many years of experience in a wide range of industries gives him a solid background to convert ideas to solutions.
In recent years he has developed and executed high-quality virtual user experiences – ranging from cultural and architectural to industrial solutions.
Jørgen LOVES to explore and challenge technology.


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