Sci-Vi | No.25/ Pyramid Schemes
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No.25/ Pyramid Schemes

25th TED-ED – TAW coproduction

Synopsis: In 2004, a nutrition company offered a life-changing opportunity to earn a full-time income for part-time work. There were only two steps to get started: purchase a $500 kit and recruit two more members. By 2013, the company was making $200 million. There was just one problem — the vast majority of members earned less than they paid in. Stacie Bosley explains what a pyramid scheme is and how to spot one.

View full lesson:  How to spot a pyramid scheme – Stacie Bosley

Length: 05 min 01 sec

Release Date: Apr 2, 2019

Educator: Stacie Bosley

Director: Will Mackenzie, Kat Gusarova

Narrator: Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Animator: Will Mackenzie, Kat Gusarova

Producer: The Animation Workshop

Music: Matthew Reid

Director of Production: Gerta Xhelo

Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal

Associate Producer Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Associate Editorial Producer Elizabeth Cox

Script Editor: Alex Gendler

Fact-checker Francisco Diez

About Kat and Will: Kat Gusarova and Will Mackenzie graduated from The Animation Workshop in January 2016. Since then they have successfully been running their animation studio “Wooden Plane Productions” from Scotland.