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New Collaboration between DanStem and The Animation Workshop of Denmark Set to Spark Creativity


DanStem is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Department of Science Visualization (Sci-Vi) at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College, in Viborg, Denmark. The collaboration will provide a platform for training scientists in communication, and at the same time will equip the Center with better tools to help disseminate scientific processes and findings.

Sci-Vi is a new initiative seeking to explore and unfold science dissemination as a field, to improve science communication and to focus on science-animation as an avenue of dissemination. The initiative aims to strengthen the cooperation between scientists and visual storytellers. Sci-Vi promotes knowledge sharing and professional and academic matchmaking as well as initiates research and development within the field of visual storytelling. 

The new collaboration is aligned with the DanStem strategy for education, communication and outreach, where the Center is committed to:

  • Publishing scientific discoveries in a transparent and understandable way
  • Equipping scientists with communication skills
  • Opening up career opportunities, e.g. providing knowledge and tools for pursuing a career in science communication
  • Enhancing digital engagement via partnerships with other disciplines
  • Contributing to a knowledge-based society via academic courses and public engagement activities

The collaboration will establish an open and ongoing dialogue among complementary professionals at DanStem and Sci-Vi to enhance long-term learning for the benefits of students, science enthusiasts, animation fans and the general public. 












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