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Peter Vistisen

Link to Peter’s research portfolio at Aalborg University: 

“Peter Vistisen is assistant professor at Aalborg University, at the Department of Communication & Psychology. In his research, Peter studies the use of animation as a functional design medium to be used both to facilitate better communication of complex information, as well as a tool to ’sketch’ new ideas. His passion is to help and support the field of animation to use their amazing skills in creating more informed and critical audiences across sectors. During the past 7 years, Peter has been teaching and supervising bachelor and master students at Aalborg University, and various University Colleges in Denmark. Further he has disseminated consulted, based on his research, for both academic institutions and industry stakeholders.”

Peter has written the academic textbook ’Sketching with Animation’, concerning the use of animation as a functional communication tool, which i available for free online:











Assistant Professor
Peter Vistisen

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