Sci-Vi | No.22/ The life cycle of a neutron star
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No.22/ The life cycle of a neutron star

22nd TED-ED – TAW coproduction

Synopsis: About once every century, a massive star somewhere in our galaxy runs out of fuel. No longer able to produce sufficient energy to maintain its structure, it collapses under its own gravitational pressure and explodes in a supernova. The death of that star is the birth of a neutron star: one of the densest known objects in the universe. David Lunney explores what, exactly, a neutron star is.

View full lesson: The life cycle of a neutron star – David Lunney

Length:  05 min 17 sec

Release date: Nov 20, 2018

Educator: David Lunney

Director: Jody Ghani Nordby

Narrator: Addison Anderson

Art Director: Jody Ghani Nordby

Designer: Jody Ghani Nordby

Illustrator: Jody Ghani Nordby

Storyboard Artist: Jody Ghani Nordby

Character Designer: Jody Ghani Nordby

Animator: Jody Ghani Nordby

Compositor: Jody Ghani Nordby

Editor: Jody Ghani Nordby

Composer: Jody Ghani Nordby

Content Producer: Gerta Xhelo

Editorial Producer: Alex Rosenthal

Associate Producer: Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Script Editor: Eleanor Nelsen

About Jody: Jody graduated in 2012 with a BA in Character Animation from The Animation Workshop. After working as an animator and designer she started her company JodyPrody providing illustration, animation and graphic facilitation services primarily for educational and social projects. Based in Viborg, Denmark.