Sci-Vi | New People
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New People


About the Project

New People – A poetic storytelling as entrance to research dissemination in the field of DNA and human migration. The focus is imagination and storytelling as catalyst for human as moving beings.

A research team led by Eske Willerslev sequenced the genome of a 4,000-year-old man from the Saqqaq culture of Greenland from his hair. This was the first ancient human genome to be sequenced. With a story from one of Knud Rasmussens expeditions to Greenland, “New People”, as the striking of the theme we ask Eske Willerslev about his research, humans force of imagination and what lead us to move.

The first screening of New People at The National Museum of Denmark  will be followed by a dialog-session between Tor Nørretranders and Eske Willerslev the 21th of September 2019.

Partners and team:

Researcher: Eske Willerslev, Professor- and director at Centre for GeoGenetics, Natural History Museum/University of Copenhagen

Visual Artist: Cosimo Miorelli

Producer: Steen Rasmussen and Sia Søndergaard/8-Productions

Artdirection and videomapping: Lasse Andersen and Darkmatters:

Sound: Thomas Richard/Audiogangsters

Cameraman: Aleksander Hørup

Venues: National Museum of Denmark, Viborg Animation Festival and Nuuk Nordisk Kultur Festival

Host at venues: Tor Nørretranders, Science writer