Sci-Vi | City Challenge / CWF 2017
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City Challenge / CWF 2017

About the Project

The Animation Workshop collaborated with six of the latest research on city innovation with the help of the Creativity World Forum (CWF) 2017. Our mission was to produce experimental visual dissemination material that support the presentation of research findings, theories and perspectives from each paper in thread with the creativity ethos of CWF. We choose the world ‘experimental’ to spark the flow of fresh ideas in the animation.

CWF // City challenge

CWF 2017 housed a wide range of innovative talks from pioneers to industry professionals in Aarhus, Denmark. Among the happenings one of the Break Out sessions was about the urging topic of urban environment. CWF ran an open call for researchers worldwide to answer the Creativity World Forum CITY challenge: How to transform city heritage into a city of opportunities? The result became a three hour session where we could meet the five reviewers in debate, the six selected researchers and their takes on urban creativity combined with six custom animation specially for this event. The animations by The Animations Workshop were designed to serve the talks of the presenters for the better understanding of the audience. The 6 researchers and the 6 animators were spending an intensive month thinking together. It was fascinating how a creative animation mind can open new ways of research opportunities in the scientific fields. The videos are not meant to stand alone, they gain their meaning while they were integrated in to the presentations.

Please read some of the scientists’ testimonies:

“I loved the idea of bringing my research to life through animation, and I think the final result added a new dimension. The film by Will and Kat brilliantly communicates and simplifies my research on new approaches to urban design, helping the audience immediately get the project, and helping me to see it in a new light.

The process was really satisfying as it gave me a chance to re-visit my work from a new angle. I really enjoyed Will and Kat’s response to my research, and their own humorous take on it. The final result could only have been achieved through collaboration, and feedback from conference attendees has been great.

I’d definitely recommend this use of functional animation to other researchers. For me, this film will also have a lifespan beyond the Creativity World Forum, and help to introduce my research practice to future audiences.”

/Tom Butlet – Central Saint Martins/


“We had a fantastic experience with the Animation Workshop, the animators were very talented, and there was excellent thinking and design process that enabled it to connect to our research.”

/Drew Hemment & Saskia Coulson – University of Dundee/


Details about the videos:

Research: Making Sense,
New approaches in tackling urban environmental challenges

Researchers: Saskia Coulson, Mel Woods, Michelle Scott, Drew Hemment

Research Institution: University of Dundee, H2020 Making Sense

Director: Anna Nowakowska


Research: Fablabing the Cherrycake,
How glocalisation of building culture might open up new perspectives for the rural area

Researcher: Dr. Matthias Stippich

Research Institution: Echomar – Kollektiv für angewandte Baukunst, KIT – Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Director: Mette Ilene Holmriis


Research: Creative Cardiff
Action led research to create new frameworks for leadership and connectivity in the creative economy in Cardiff and its region.

Researcher: Sarah Louise Pepper

Research Institution: Cardiff University

Director: Henrik Malmgren


Research: Smart Culture in Smart Cities

Researcher: Prof. Jens Bley

Research Institution: HafenCity University, Hamburg

Director: Tomas Præstholm


Research: Open Prototoyping: The art of city and technology innovation

Researchers: Drew Hemment, Joanna Bletcher, Saskia Coulson

Research Institution: FutureEverything & University of Dundee

Director: Julie H. Baltzer


Research: Remake London
A Reimagined Public Planning Process

Researcher: Tom Butler

Research Institution: Central Saint Martins

Directors: Will Mackenzie and Kat Gusarova


Music: Mads Vadsholt

Producer: Ágota Végső