Sci-Vi | No.1/ Particles and waves
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No.1/ Particles and waves

1st TED-ED – TAW coproduction

Synopsis: One of the most amazing facts in physics is that everything in the universe, from light to electrons to atoms, behaves like both a particle and a wave at the same time. But how did physicists arrive at this mind-boggling conclusion? Chad Orzel recounts the string of scientists who built on each other’s discoveries to arrive at this ‘central mystery’ of quantum mechanics.

View full lesson: Particles and waves: The central mystery of quantum mechanics – Chad Orzel

Length: 04 min 51 sec

Release date: 2014 Sept 15

Educator: Chad Orzel

Director: Joana Bartolomeu

About Joana: Joana Bartolomeu attended to the 3D Character Animation Professional Class at The Animation Workshop in 2014, there she created a short film entitled “Going for a Walk”.