Sci-Vi | No.14/ How do nuclear power plants work?
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No.14/ How do nuclear power plants work?

14th TED-ED – TAW coproduction

Synopsis: Our ability to mine great amounts of energy from uranium nuclei has led some to bill nuclear power as a plentiful, utopian source of electricity. But rather than dominate the global electricity market, nuclear power has declined from a high of 18% in 1996 to 11% today. What happened to the great promise of this technology? M.V. Ramana and Sajan Saini detail the challenges of nuclear power.

View full lesson: How do nuclear power plants work? – M.V. Ramana and Sajan Saini

Length: 08 min 06 sec

Release date: 2017 May 8

Educators: Sajan Saini , M.V. Ramana

Directors: Will Mackenzie, Kat Gusarova

Animator: Will Mackenzie, Kat Gusarova

Layout Artist: Marlene Andersson

About Kat and Will: Kat Gusarova and Will Mackenzie graduated from The Animation Workshop in January 2016. Since then they have successfully been running their animation studio “Wooden Plane Productions” from Scotland.