Sci-Vi | No.8/ How do geckos defy gravity?
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No.8/ How do geckos defy gravity?

8th TED-ED – TAW coproduction

Synopsis: Geckos aren’t covered in adhesives or hooks or suction cups, and yet they can effortlessly scale vertical walls and hang from ceilings. What’s going on? Eleanor Nelsen explains how geckos’ phenomenal feet allow them to defy gravity.

View full lesson: How do geckos defy gravity? – Eleanor Nelsen

Length: 04 min 29 sec

Release date: 2015 Marc 30

Educator: Eleanor Nelsen

Director: Marie-Louise Højer Jensen

About Marie-Louise: Marie-Louise Højer Jensen graduated from The Animation Workshop in 2009 with the short film called ‘Pig me’. Ever since mostly working as a freelance animation filmmaker and illustrator, her office has been situated in Arsenalet in Viborg, Denmark.