Sci-Vi | No.6/ How complex cells evolved
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No.6/ How complex cells evolved

6th TED-ED – TAW coproduction

Synopsis: Imagine you swallowed a small bird and suddenly gained the ability to fly … or you ate a cobra and were able to spit poisonous venom! Well, throughout the history of life (and specifically during the evolution of complex eukaryotic cells) things like this happened all the time. Adam Jacobson explains endosymbiosis, a type of symbiosis in which one symbiotic organism lives inside another.

View full lesson: How we think complex cells evolved – Adam Jacobson

Length: 05 min 41 sec

Release date: 2015 Feb 17

Educator: Adam Jacobson

Director: Camilla Gunborg Pedersen

About Camilla: Camilla Gunborg pedersen finished her studies at The Animation Workshop in 2014 with the graduation film called ‘The Interview’. Since then she participated several times in projects related to The Animation Workshop and the Open Workshop.