Sci-Vi | No.4/ Entangled states
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No.4/ Entangled states

4th TED-ED – TAW coproduction

Synopsis: When you think about Einstein and physics, E=mc^2 is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But one of his greatest contributions to the field actually came in the form of an odd philosophical footnote in a 1935 paper he co-wrote — which ended up being wrong. Chad Orzel details Einstein’s “EPR” paper and its insights on the strange phenomena of entangled states.

View full lesson: Einstein’s brilliant mistake: Entangled states – Chad Orzel

Length: 05 min 09 sec

Release date: 2014 Oct 16

Educator: Chad Orzel

Director: Camilla Gunborg Pedersen and Zsuzsanna Bányai

About Camilla and Zsuzsanna:

Camilla Gunborg Pedersen finished her studies at The Animation Workshop in 2014 with the graduation film called ‘The Interview’. Since then she participated several times in projects related to The Animation Workshop and the Open Workshop.

Zsuzsanna Banyai participated the Open Workshop in 2014. She developed a project titled WTF with Marjorie Barraud and Malgorzata Wojtkovjak, that they started to create during their ASF course in 2013.