Sci-Vi | Lars Hemmingsen Nørgaard
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Lars Hemmingsen Nørgaard

Lars is an experienced technical art director with a demonstrated history of working in the animation industry and contemporary art. He has a broad understanding and works within all aspects of the CG animation pipeline.

He is an alumnus of The Animation Workshop with a Bachelor’s degree in computer graphic art and he attended Animation Sans Frontières as well as studying classical drawing at The Drawing Academy.

Since 2017 he has been running his animation studio, Midtjysk 3D Service, where he has worked with a wide variety of projects, like exhibitions, short films, video mapping, and Virtual Reality. 2021 marked the year where the first performance of Three Kings: a multimedia virtual theater performance by White Hole Theater where Lars acts as the technical director.


Computer Graphic Generalist
Lars Hemmingsen Nørgaard

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